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Hammock Hang Calc

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** NOTE: Due to technical complications, the Google Play store required we create a new application listing for this new version. This is the same app as the Hammock Hang Calculator. We sincerely apologize! Please contact our support team at if you purchased the old version. Please include your postal code and date of purchase. **** NOTE: Most tablets are currently not supported. Thank you for your patience **
Get the most comfortable and safe hang with your hammock! The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. Figure out how long your suspension lines need to be, even if you have a built-in ridge-line!
And with the clinometer, you can measure your hang angle more precisely. Even more ways to get that perfect hang.
This calculator is useful on the trail, in the backyard, or if you plan on hanging a hammock indoors.
In addition to calculating hanging information, this tool lets you know the physics of a hang: how much tension and force are being applied to the anchor points, suspension lines, and hammock. Experiment with values to "dial in" your perfect hang.
Brought to you in partnership with “The Ultimate Hang - An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping.”